Barnard Station - Home of Eusebious and Sarah Barnard
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Barnard Station - Home of Eusebius and Sarah Barnard

This historic farm in rural Chester County, Pennsylvania was once the home of Eusebius and Sarah Barnard in the 1800s. As Quakers they upheld the ideals of simplicity, truth, equality, and community. As abolitionists, the Barnard family opened their home to freedom seekers on the Underground Railroad. Eusebius Barnard, a progressive community leader, was involved in the founding of Longwood Progressive Meeting as well as a signer of the petition for the formation of Pocopson Township.

Friends of Barnard Station is excited to begin the journey of creating a new Heritage Center at the Barnard House. This Heritage Center will focus on the abolitionist movement and local area history preserving the integrity of the house and fostering greater appreciation of the role Pocopson Township played in American History. It is a story of heroism in a time of national strife.